Kra Canal Story

Even though the idea of building a Kra Canal in Thailand dates back 200 years to the first Rattanakosin Period (1), Thai governments in the past as well as the present, have hesitated or even repeatedly shown disinterest in the project. The Kra Canal, in fact, represents a major vector for change of international shipping routes in the Asia- Pacific Region. However, it has been repeatedly rejected due to the following very simplistic reasons

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With a long history of over 200 years, the development of the Kra Canal is once again the expectation of Thailand as well as that of the world community. It is only a matter of time that the project will be realized.

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Canal Route

TAMS had concluded at the end of their study that Route 5 A passing through from Songkhla province on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand to Satun province on the coast of the Andaman Sea was indeed the best route backed by reasons to be found in the table below.

Security Concern

The separation of a country derives from political problems, it does not necessarily always stem from an actual physical separation.
The physical configuration of countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines is made up of an archipelago of islands.

Economic Stability

One might say that during the past 50 years, the attempts to develop Thailand had completely failed. The National Economic and Social Development Plans from 1961 until today, altogether 11 National Plans, have not been able to attain the goals they had set out to accomplish.